Lost Season 5 Dharma Intiative Special Edition

It finally came today! My Lost Dharma Initiative Season 5 Blu-ray set! The Dharma pamphlets are kind of cool but what was really cool was the secret letter that came with the set. The letter details the agreements between the Hostiles and the Dharma Initiative. Richard Alpert wrote a couple of interesting comments on the truce, but I don’t want to share them online, because they are confidential. I completed my first five classes on Lost University on Blu-ray live. Each subject has one or two classes, a homework assignment, and a final exam. Online at lostuniversity.org you can look at class notes and homework assignments for your project. The Dharma Initiative set is a lot of fun for a major Lost nerd like me and I feel that the extra money spent for it over the basic set is well worth it.

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