Fringe: Gray Matter

The most recent episode of Fringe was quite amazing. We learned why Walter was mentally insane, and we learned more about the people from the other dimension. There was a lot of great acting in this episode too. The scene in which Paris was making Walter perform word association with things that reminded him of his son was very well done on John Noble’s part. And the scene where Olivia has the shapeshifter at gunpoint and is on the phone with Peter is quite intense.

I love how crazy Fringe is getting, they have been letting their freak-flag fly from the get go. But this episode was about the Fringe science team trying to find an evil shapeshifter from another dimension that is fueled by mercury and who is stealing frozen heads. Well, they are trying to find him because he is gathering parts of Walter’s brain tissue from inside of other people’s brains that some man named Dr. Paris removed so that Walter could not remember how to open a portal to the other dimension. Walter opened this portal because his son died and he wanted to replace him with his son from the parallel universe (at least I think that’s right). It would be fun to try to explain this show to someone unfamiliar with it.

At the end, in a very interesting twist, we see William Bell in the past operating on Walter and we find out that he went by the name of Dr. Paris. So I think this means that the shapeshifter people are working for William Bell/Dr. Paris (whatever his real name is). But I admit that I am not really sure. This show is kind of confusing sometimes, which I love. I just feel it would be easier to follow if the overarching storyline was more of a focal point in every episode instead of having a couple episodes with heavy development in this storyline interspersed between monster-of-the-week episodes.

This was definitely one of the best episodes of Fringe. I wish that more people watched this show so I would not have to worried about it being canceled and so I could watch more episodes like this one.


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