Best Albums of 2009

1. Merriweather Post Pavillion/Fall Be Kind (EP)-Animal Collective
Best tracks: My Girls, Bluish/ Graze, I Think I Can

2. Bitte Orca-Dirty Projectors
Best tracks: No Intention, Stillness is the Move
3. Hospice-The Antlers
Best tracks: Kettering, Bear
4. Manners/Chunk of Change (EP)-Passion Pit
Best tracks: The Reeling, Sleepyhead
5. Logos- Atlas Sound
Best tracks: Walkabout, Shelia
6. Psychic Chasms- Neon Indian
Best tracks: Deadbeat Summer, 6669
7. The xx- The xx
Best tracks: Basic Space, Crystalized
8. Veckatimist- Grizzly Bear
Best tracks: Two Weeks, Cheerleader
9. Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix- Phoenix
Best tracks: 1901, Lisztomania
10. A Brief History of Love- The Big Pink
Best tracks: Velvet, Dominos
11. Embryonic-The Flaming Lips
Best tracks: Silver Trembling Hands, Watching the Planets
12. Guns Don’t Kill People, Lasers Do-Major Laser

Best tracks: Hold the Line, Keep it Goin’ Louder
13. LP-Discovery
Best tracks: So Insane, Carby
14. BiRd-BrAiNs – tUnE-yArDs
Best tracks: Sunlight, Hatari
15. Two Suns-Bat For Lashes
Best tracks: Pearl’s Dream, Daniel
Other Good Albums:
Bromst-Dan Deacon
Fever Ray-Fever Ray
March of the Zapotec/Holland – Beirut
Dark Was The Night – Various Artists


8 thoughts on “Best Albums of 2009

  1. Nice list man, your taste has come a long way. Very p4k influenced, but also very good! I agree MPP is the best of the year.

    I like this blog.

      • Yeah, it’s a useful website, and I usually check out what they put on their Best New Music page, but it’s good to branch out. If they give an album a mediocre rating, that album ends up being overlooked by a lot of people. And it might be really great. The scores are really meaningless, just one person’s opinion. Tiny Mix Tapes is pretty good too. But most of the time I just find new music on blogs that post the albums and I don’t read any reviews at all. Here’s a pretty good blog to download from I recently found:

  2. Grizzly Bear at no. 8?! Are you INSANE?! Sorry, but I guess I cannot read other people’s best album lists without my Ed Droste-colored glasses swaying my opinion a bit.

    And I feel very alone when I say this but I just can’t get on board with the Dirty Projectors, because of their voices…no. Just no.

    And if your looking for another decent place to find music,I’d recommed They just did a 50 best albums of the decade list and it is quite good.

    • I do like Grizzly Bear, I like Horn of Plenty and Yellow House a little better then Veckatimist. I got to see them perform with Beach House this year and that was really cool.

      Yeah, stereogum is a cool site, I did not know they had that list up though, thanks, I haven’t visited it in a while.

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