Fringe: Snakehead

This was probably the bloodiest episode of Fringe yet. The giant worm creatures made people bleed and even Astrid got a little bloody. It was cool that she got to get more involved in this episode, we don’t get to see her outside of the lab very often. I think I’d actually be pretty interested in a Astrid back-story episode. The most surprising bloody moment of this episode to me however, was when the man that was being interrogated slit his throat open. I didn’t think Fringe would show something like that.

This was another one of those episodes that was kind of a self-contained monster story but there was a lot of good acting. John Noble did a good job in this episode. We saw him as his usual brilliant and twisted self but we also saw him as he fought to be dependent from his son. Then, when he gets separated from Astrid in Chinatown he is like vulnerable baby. I thought the scene in which he finds out what happened to Astrid was great. As well as the scene at the end of the episode when he gave up his fight for independence and tell his son that he implanted a tracking device in his neck so that he could always find him.

Finding The Observer
The observer is at about 24 minutes into the show without commercials. He appears after the guy with the worms calls someone because Walter said he had worms that were four feet long.

Next Week
We know from the promo for next week’s episode that it won’t be another monster episode. We are gonna be dealing with the whole parallel universe thing, of which I am a big fan. So, yep looking forward to next week.


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