Flashforward: A561984

I’m beginning to believe that the only reason that I still watch Flashforward is to complain about it on this blog. The episode began and ended with scenes from A Christmas Carol which is clever and stuff because it is almost Christmas and there are similarities between it and Flashforward obviously. Like, they are both about people seeing their future and changing their ways because of what they saw. I felt that it could have just been running in the background however, it seemed like the creators of the show were trying too hard to make sure people saw that they worked to find that similarity. I’m probably over exaggerating, but that’s the way I felt.

Lloyd finally revealed what they were experimenting on that may have caused the blackout. They were trying to recreate the big bang. That’s kind of interesting, I would have been more interested if the overall storyline moved faster though.

I don’t know about you, but if I was wanted dead by millions of people for killing millions of people I would not go into a public hospital, just saying. And, for some reason when Lloyd goes to the hospital, Olivia decides to stop being all cautious about talking to him and she decides it would be alright if she flirted with him. Yeah, ok. It was funny when Lloyd was looking at that weird looking nurse lady. My brother and I both saw the whole thing where Lloyd was taken away by the bad ambulance drivers coming, it was too obvious. And I’m sure once Olivia helps save Lloyd, he Olivia and his son will all be very close just like in the flashforward.

In Japan, Mark and Mr. No were trying to find the Asian woman with the really deep voice and they did after Mark talked some guy into telling them where she was. Mark got the guy to talk by saying things like, “You will wish that you had helped.” The Asian woman said that Mark was going to kill Mr. No. Dun dun dun! Wow, he is going to kill him, but they are like best buddies. That’s just too extreme. It should be hard to make Mark turn on Mr. No and make it seem natural, not like it just happened because it would be interesting and because the Asian woman said so.

By the way, Japan looks very colorful and it has a lot of signs in the English language for some reason. And, speaking of Asians, what happened to my favorite new character. I thought Bryce found her in the last episode.

The whole thing with the laser being built before Simon designed it was kind of interesting. I guess the guy that was in the doll factory did it, but I don’t care enough to theorize how he built it before it was designed. The only explanation I can think of is time travel and I don’t see Flashforward going down that road.

There was a lot bad acting in this episode especially from Joseph Fiennes. He is really trying too hard to to seem super-cool and it makes him seem super lame. Sometimes I can’t tell if this show suffers more from bad writing or bad acting. But it looks like there is more of both to come from the promos at the end of the episode. My favorite part of the promo was when Mr. No’s girlfriend says, “Do you have some big, dark secret?” Wow! I wonder who she was talking to and if they have any secrets! Well, I guess I will have to wait until next week to find out, dang it!

4 thoughts on “Flashforward: A561984

  1. I salute you for hanging in there with this mess of a show. I couldn’t take anymore after the third or fourth ep, when the FBI lady snapped that guy’s neck in the street after getting some groceries (I think that happened? or maybe I just made that up and pretty soon I will be a highly paid writer on the show).

    • I don’t think that happened but it sounds like something that would happen on flashforward. Yeah, I think you should probably go help the writers a bit, they need it. I don’t think I’m gonna watch it when it comes on again, or maybe I will because I like to complain.

      • Oops! I’m sure that is going to happen in the next episode. Yeah, I was tempted to watch it and do recaps for laughs…but alas, I had already started recapping another hit show that’s on at the same time (the vampire diaries). It just really goes to show you can’t have everything in life.

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