Lost In Another Dimension

Back in season 3 I had a theory. I think that Lost is gonna be getting into parallel dimensions. Remember when the Losties found the Doctor from the freighter wash up on the beach dead? And remember when Doctor Ray seemed to be alive back at the freighter at the same time?

O.K. Remember this video from Comic Con in the season 3 hiatus?:

Now think about the season 5 finale. Remember how at the end Locke was like this?:

And he was also here at the same time:

I think that maybe the John Locke in this scene is from an other dimension. Like the bunny that appeared in the orchid with the same number as the bunny that was already there.
I’m gonna take this one step further and predict something even crazier. You know how we are told that Widmore dug up graves to create a fake crash site, what if that’s not the case? People have lied before on this show. Lapidus thinks that the wreckage is fake because the pilot doesn’t have his ring on:
Its likely that the ring fell off sometime during the plane crash or something. What if it was the same man? Maybe, like the doctor and John Locke, the survivors of the plane could be dead and alive at the same time. Maybe the passengers of the fake plane crash site are actually the survivors of 815 from an other dimension or from another time. Maybe at the end of the show we will find out that the final fate of the passengers of 815 is for their bodies to rot forever in the bottom of the Sudan trench. I’m not so sure about this idea though, that would be a sad ending.

But I do feel that the final season will deal with alternate realities. Darlton have said that the sixth season will deal with a new timeline structure. And, I mean where else could it go? Time travel, flashbacks, and flashforwards are taken and there is supposed to be a new type of storyline this year. I know J. J. Abrams doesn’t have a lot of say in what goes on in Lost anymore, but his movie, Star Trek and another show he created, Fringe, both had parallel universes, so why not lost? Maybe the book that young Ben gives to Sayid in He’s Our You, “A Separate Reality”, was a little hint to the path Lost is traveling.
These videos from comic con also point towards a parallel universe:

What? Hurley went on a trip to Australia and made it back safely?

They don’t have a perfect safety record…unless this is Oceanic Airlines from another dimension.

But, we know this is not what happened, we saw Kate kill the man she thought was her step-father (We find out later that he was actually her real father) back in season 2 in “What Kate Did”. I don’t know about you but these videos seem to make it really obvious that we are going to be dealing with alternate realities in season 5.

Maybe the bomb caused a parallel universe in which the plane lands safely. The title of the premiere is LAX after all. And, maybe some of the survivors remember what happened on the island and some don’t. Or maybe they are in separate realities.

I like to theorize about Lost but I don’t necessarily want my theories to be right, because I feel that part of what makes Lost so amazing is the unpredictable nature of it. I just cannot wait until February 2nd!

Merry Christmas to Y’all!

I hope everybody has a great Christmas, has fun with their families, listens to good Christmas music, and eats a lot of food!

Best and Worst Movies of 2009 (That I Saw)

The Best

1. Star Trek

I am not a fan of the old Star Trek. I’ve tried watching the old show a couple of times. But, this Star Trek was directed by J. J. Abrams. That would explain the complicated storyline, which is not common in many mainstream, big-budget movies. Another thing that Star Trek has that the Tranformers and GI Joes don’t have is character development. J. J. Abrams knows that it is important to be invested in the characters, because otherwise you won’t really care what happens to them. The only low point in the movie is the villan, but since the focus is more on introducing the character it doesn’t matter that much and it leaves room for improvement in the sequel. This movie was written by the writers of Lost, directed by the creator of Lost, and the music was even composed by Michael Giacchino, so of course it was awesome.

2. District 9

I feel that the marketing for this movie was well done. It was a viral campaign and not much was revealed about the plot in trailers. This gave the movie an unpredictable feel. I would not usually say something like this about a movie, but the guns were really cool and it had one of the best robot fights in any movie I saw this year. Director, Neill Blomkamp and actor, Sharlto Copley both did a great job in their first big movie.

3. Avatar

In “Avatar”, James Cameron has created a beautiful world with cool glowing, floating things, crazy hyena-like creatures, and glowing plants. This movie has themes of imperialism, and it involves a lot of action, a story of forbidden love, and its also funny sometimes. Read my full review of Avatar here.

4. Up

Pixar has not made a bad movie yet and Up is no exception. I admit that the first couple of minutes were quite sad I may have even teared up a little bit, maybe. I did not care for the dogs flying mini-planes or they squeaky voice collar, and the scene where the dogs are actually playing poker, usually Pixar would not pull cutesy tricks like that but I can look over that for this movie.

5. Inglorious Bastards

There were not a lot of gory parts in this movie, but the parts that are gory are quite gory. I was more disturbed by the way some of the members of the audience reacted during these gory scenes. I feel when you see someone get their head banged in with a baseball bat or when you see someone get scalped you should probably feel a bit uneasy and you probably would not cheer when something like this happens, but anyways… Quentin Tarantino does a good job at building up the tensions to a climax cyclically, throughout this movie. He does this mostly through scenes with intense dialogue and actually I feel that the music used is really helpful in that as well.

6. Adventureland

Adventureland looks like what some people would call “another teen movie” but it’s not. Its more of a fun love story. After watching this movie, I almost wanted to watch “Twilight” to see Kristen Stewart again. She and Jesse Eisenberg are pretty good in this movie. Even though Jesse’s character is very much like one Micheal Cera would play. Martin Star, Bill Hader , and Kristen Wiig are all quite funny as the other workers at Adventureland. The film does a good job at capturing the feeling of a dull summer in the 80’s (or so I’d assume) and it has a good 80’s soundtrack.

7. Fantastic Mr. Fox

After going with a couple of my friends to see this movie a second time, I noticed that many people did not catch the subtle and simple humor of “Fantastic Mr. Fox”. I feel this movie is probably enjoyed more by Wes Anderson fans then by children. But, I feel that this movie has a very simple and cheerful feel to it. And, the stop-animation is a feast for the eyes. Here is my full review of “Fantastic Mr. Fox” if your interested.

8. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

I felt that this was the first Harry Potter movie that was actually funny, mostly because of the awkward moments between the characters. I know a lot of people were complaining about the way they dealt with the death scene at the end, but I like the way that it was done. I usually make a big deal about the differences between the movie and the book, but I finally got over that with this one. The big difference in the movie was the attack on the Burrow that wasn’t in the book, which is kind of weird because Bill and Fleur’s wedding is there in the 7th book. But, I think this was the best adaptation of a Harry Potter book, yet.

9. Coraline

To borrow the word that my cousin used to describe Coraline, it is whimsical. Its also quite trippy and dark for what is considered a children’s movie. I mean, come on, she goes to a parallel universe where people have buttons for eyes and that spider-lady is pretty creepy, admit it. I saw this movie in the theaters and it had the best 3-D I have ever seen. And, you know it was one of those stop-motion movies, so it took a really long time to make and stuff, and it looks really cool.

10. Where the Wild Things Are

One of the things that I felt really made this movie stand out was the soundtrack by Karen O from the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s. It gave it a very tribal feel.This movie was so different from any other movie that I had ever seen that I did not know what to think about it at first. There were a lot of things that happened in this film that I found to be kind of strange. Like, when Carol pulled Douglas’ arm off and sand fell out of the wound.  But, I have learned to appreciated the absurdity of “Where the Wild Things Are”.

11. Funny People

Funny People is partially a life and death drama but its also very funny and kind of raunchy. There are a lot of jokes about a certain male body part. Leslie Mann is great in this movie, she just seems so sweet and vulnerable. And I have to mention that Aziz Ansari is hilarious, even though he has a small part.

12. Observe and Report

Observe and Report does well at doing the comedy-action thing. And the random and unpredictable feel of this movie makes it interesting to watch. Its kind of dark, kind of sick, but its also pretty funny.

13. Paranormal Activity

I liked that the way the director, Oren Peli, built up the tension in this movie. He seems to believe in the idea that less is more. This movie would not be any good if it had poor lead actors, but the fresh new faces, Katie Featherstone and Micah Sloat, did a great job at pulling through. If you are interested here is my full review on “Paranormal Activity”.

14. Watchmen

This is the part of my list where I began wondering if these movies should go at the end of my best list or my worst list. I felt that this movie was more gory then it had to be. (In one scene a man gets his arms chainsawed off, in another someone gets hit so hard that we see their bones come out of their arm.) The matrix style fighting did not seem to make sense. There is a sex scene that shows way more then they needed to. I also found it ridiculous that they played the song “Hallelujah” during this scene. I thought that one scene that was done well in this movie and that was when Dr. Manhattan and Sally are on Mars. However,  I feel that overall the movie was pretty faithful to the graphic novel.

15. Public Enemies

Not to my surprise, Johnny Depp did a great job performing in this movie. Cotillard is mesmerising. Christian Bale’s performance was less the brilliant though.  I have to mention that Emilie de Ravin (Claire Littleton from “Lost”) was in this movie for a very small part. Some parts seemed to drag on a bit in this movie, but it has good action scenes and a love story at the center.

16. Angels and Demons

I enjoyed this movie more than I thought I would. I liked it better than “The Davinci Code”, which I think may have been because I did not read “Angels and Demons” before watching it. This movie is pretty much a basic mystery/action movie, it doesn’t really do anything else very well, but the ending was surprising and it was a fairly entertaining film.

The Worst

1. The Soloist

This movie is probably the most boring movie I have ever seen, I don’t even wanna write about it. I don’t know if I like Robert Downey Jr. he recently said this about himself: “I’m f–king really good at what I do—and have been for a long time, so I don’t waver on that,”(Source: E online) and in an interview with moviehole.com he complains about the Dark Knight being “so high brow and so f–king smart, I clearly need a college education to understand [it]” and he goes on to say “F-ck DC comics.” He just seems kind of stuck-up and rude to me but, you know, he might be a good guy or something. Anywho, this movie is fraking boring, don’t watch it.

2. Terminator Salvation

I thought Terminator Salvation would be a good movie. I like movies involving timetravel…usually. I thought that there would be more focus on Marcus being half human and half robot and for the movie to hit on themes like Battlestar Galactica and the whole debate about what makes humans, humans. There wasn’t much of that though, there were a lot of giant robots and stuff instead. Yeah, sure, giant robot battles are kind of cool but I’m tired of them and I’m tired of them being meaningless.

3. Transformers 2

Speaking of meaningless robot battles. This is Robert Downey Jr.’s kind of movie, no thinking involved at all. There are bad robots and there are good robots and they fight, for two and a half longs hours. Yeah, the bad robots are back because…well…magic! and how else would there be a sequel? The last scene is so drawn out and the whole thing where the main character goes to robot heaven and comes back to life is ridiculous.

4. Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian

I didn’t have high expectations for this film and it lived up to my low expectations. Rachel McAdams is the only good thing about the sequel. Night at the Museum 2 just seems like another kids movie utilizing slapstick humor and other cutesy tricks.

Avatar: Fern Gully on Steroids

Avatar is like Fern Gully on steroids.  James Cameron has really created an amazing new world in this film. I saw this movie in 3-D and it takes a little bit to get used to at first but once you do, it is quite a spectacle to behold. This world is full of beautiful floating creatures and strange glowing plants.

Jake Sully enters this world as an Avatar which is a body of the natives to which he is mentally linked. He is a paraplegic marine that is taking the spot of his dead brother and who is tried of being told what he can’t do. Sigorney Weaver is great in this movie as a hard-headed scientist. She loves what she does. He is sent to find the weak spot of the natives, called the Na’vi, so that it can be exploited. Colonel Miles Quaritch wants the massive deposit of the valuable mineral called unobtanium on which the Na’vi’s home stands. Jake gets to know the Na’vi and he finds that they are very dedicated to their belief that all living things are connected by an energy. The Na’vi warriors literally bind themselves with the fascinating horse-like creatures that they ride.

Jake falls in love with the ways of the Na’vi and a particular female Na’vi, named Neytiri, the princess of the tribe. The tribe is uneasy about Jake at first because they know he is an Avatar, but their god tells them that he is different and they eventually accept him. Now, he has to find a way to stop the humans from destroying the Na’vi’s home, and save his new family.

The allegorical message that is trying to be sent through this film is obvious, but it is also powerfully executed. People I saw this movie with said that is was too long. It is 162 minutes to be almost exact, but I found these 162 minutes to be entertaining unlike when I watched the extended version of “The Abyss”. Avatar is quite epic and action packed. It is also a story of forbidden love and it is sad and kind of funny when it is supposed to be. It i definitely one of the best films of 2009.

Listen to This: Best Coast and Sleigh Bells

Neither of these artists have released a full-length album yet, but there has been a lot of buzz about them on the internets.  After moving to New York a couple of years ago to work on music, Bethany Constantino moved back to California this year to the West Coast, which could be where her name, Best Coast, comes from. So far Best Coast has released a couple 7″ singles and they are currently on tour with Vivian Girls. Their music has a very dream-pop and nostalgic fell to it.

Check them out:

Best Coast | Sun Was High (So Was I)

Best Coast | So Gone

Best Coast | When I’m With You

Sleigh Bells are a duo from Brooklyn. They are yet to release any music. Their crazy dance-pop music is very catch because it is so intense and bass-infused. It just cries for you to turn it up full-blast.

Sleigh Bells | Beach Girls

Sleigh Bells | Ring Ring

Sleigh Bells | A/B Machines

Lost Episode of Fringe to Air

I guess there was an episode of the first season of Fringe that wasn’t aired. It is called “Unearthed” and according to The Fringe Report, it will air on January 11th. I wonder why they didn’t air it last year, but I’m not complaining. I hope they put the episode on the season two DVD and bluray set.

My Favorite Shows of 2009

Best Drama Shows of 2009

5. The United States of Tara

This United States of Tara is well written and very funny. Coilette does a phenomenal job portraying Tara and all of here personalities. As Buck, a dirty and brutish biker,  she/he beats up a boy who is harassing her daughter. As T, a rebelliant teenaged girl, she buys her daughter day-after pills. And as Alice, a proper stepford wife, she washes her daughter’s mouth out with soap. It was cool to find out why Tara suffers from dissociative identities in the finale and to see her making great breakthroughs in recovery. I am curious to see what path this takes the show on next season.

4. V

I know there were only four episodes of V this year, but I feel that V is the best new serial drama. The acting is great and the fast-paced storyline is refreshing. And unlike Flashforward, the story actually progresses in each episode. I can’t wait to see Ana swallow a guinea pig live.

3. Fringe

Fringe has not been getting too many viewers recently. If you don’t watch Fringe, you should. Fringe is one of the best shows on primetime tv right now. At first I was upset with the somewhat formulaic quality of the show. Now, however I think of it as a modern day Twilight Zone. The things that the characters have to deal with are very interesting and even though they can be somewhat unbelievable, Walter Bishop’s explanations have enough real science to convince you to feel that crazy things like mind control and alternate realities can exist. The show is meant to be friendly to the casual viewer and I feel that each episode has just enough of the backstory to satisfy the hardcore fans of the show. I do usually find the episodes that focus more on the mythology better, though.

2. Lost

I can easily say that Lost will probably end up being may favorite show of all time. It has amazing writing and acting and the feelings of awe, such as I felt when it was revealed that the Losties (or some of them anyway) got off the island in the third season finale, cannot be replicated by any other show. Every episode is crawling with subtle clues and easter eggs that beg for the viewer to interact and dig deeper. These are only a few reasons that I am proud to be obsessed with this show.

I loved that Lost jumped into time travel this year, it was very cool to see the mythology of the show as it happened first hand. I wasn’t sure what to think about the episode Namaste because it asked the viewer to accept that three years had passed in Dharmaville and Juliet and Sawyer were now an item. I have come over this now and I feel it was necessary and entertaining to see the losties be a part of what was a big part of their future on the island. The finale was fantastic and I cannot wait until the final season! (Although its a little sad that its ending).
1. Battlestar Galactica

If you know me, I know what you are thinking right now, why is Lost not first on my list? Well I felt that it was quite difficult to pick between these two fantastic seasons of television. It is kind of a tie for me, but Seeing as Battlestar had such an amazing series finale this year I thought it should be number one. Battlestar did a great job at looking at what religion, government, and the essence of humanity are. The charaters are amazing. Katee Sackoff is great as Kara Thrace, the hot tough girl who has a dark destiny. Mary McDonnell is amazing asLaura Rosalin, the vulnerable and strong dying leader.  I could go on and on about all of the great characters, but I won’t.

It felt good to see the show come to an end and see some of the characters fulfill their destinies, as cheesy as that may sound. The finale made me cry, I don’t have a problem with admitting that.

Best Comedy Shows of 2009

5. Parks and Recreation

I watched the first couple episodes of this show last season and I felt it was just an Office rip-off. I decided to give it another try this year and I was happy I did. I felt that Leslie Knope was a lot like Micheal Scott but now she seems more well-meaning, sharp-tongued, and well-rounded. I also like the supporting character better now, Aziz’s character is hilarious and I really like Rashida Jones’ character.

4. Modern Family

This was may favorite new comedy show of the year. All of the characters are hilarious and the show does a good job at juggling all of the characters and at keeping them seem real.
3. The Office

I have heard a lot of people say that The Office is getting old and that the show is going down hill, but I don’t feel that way. I still find the relationships between the characters to be interesting. I thought the long-awaited Jim-Pam episode was well done.

2. Flight of the Conchords

The second season of Flight of the Conchords was just as fresh as the first. I love the level of absurdity of this show.  Like in the episode where Brett spends $2.79 on a new teacup, which sends the band into bankruptcy, so Jermaine turns to prostitution.

1. 30 Rock

What I like about 30 Rock is that it is very fast-paced and it has a strange and self-aware humor that reminds me of Arrested Development. I tend to love any episode in which Tracy and Jenna work together to wreak havoc on the set. And quirky Kenneth always makes me laugh.

Check out my cousin’s Top Ten TV Show List of 2009.

I’m Not Crying, It’s Just Been Raining, on My Face

I’ve got some bad news, if you haven’t heard yet. It was officially announced recently that there will be no more new Flight the Conchords episodes, ever. Frowny face! Flight of the Conchords was one of my favorite comedy shows. I guess it would be difficult to continue the show too long and I feel that it ended at a pretty good point. If you haven’t seen the first two seasons you should buy them and then you should watch them. It’s about a two-man band from Australia-I mean New Zealand who try to find fame in New York City. They sing about epileptic dogs and robots. So watch it.

Fringe: Gray Matter

The most recent episode of Fringe was quite amazing. We learned why Walter was mentally insane, and we learned more about the people from the other dimension. There was a lot of great acting in this episode too. The scene in which Paris was making Walter perform word association with things that reminded him of his son was very well done on John Noble’s part. And the scene where Olivia has the shapeshifter at gunpoint and is on the phone with Peter is quite intense.

I love how crazy Fringe is getting, they have been letting their freak-flag fly from the get go. But this episode was about the Fringe science team trying to find an evil shapeshifter from another dimension that is fueled by mercury and who is stealing frozen heads. Well, they are trying to find him because he is gathering parts of Walter’s brain tissue from inside of other people’s brains that some man named Dr. Paris removed so that Walter could not remember how to open a portal to the other dimension. Walter opened this portal because his son died and he wanted to replace him with his son from the parallel universe (at least I think that’s right). It would be fun to try to explain this show to someone unfamiliar with it.

At the end, in a very interesting twist, we see William Bell in the past operating on Walter and we find out that he went by the name of Dr. Paris. So I think this means that the shapeshifter people are working for William Bell/Dr. Paris (whatever his real name is). But I admit that I am not really sure. This show is kind of confusing sometimes, which I love. I just feel it would be easier to follow if the overarching storyline was more of a focal point in every episode instead of having a couple episodes with heavy development in this storyline interspersed between monster-of-the-week episodes.

This was definitely one of the best episodes of Fringe. I wish that more people watched this show so I would not have to worried about it being canceled and so I could watch more episodes like this one.

Lost Season 5 Dharma Intiative Special Edition

It finally came today! My Lost Dharma Initiative Season 5 Blu-ray set! The Dharma pamphlets are kind of cool but what was really cool was the secret letter that came with the set. The letter details the agreements between the Hostiles and the Dharma Initiative. Richard Alpert wrote a couple of interesting comments on the truce, but I don’t want to share them online, because they are confidential. I completed my first five classes on Lost University on Blu-ray live. Each subject has one or two classes, a homework assignment, and a final exam. Online at lostuniversity.org you can look at class notes and homework assignments for your project. The Dharma Initiative set is a lot of fun for a major Lost nerd like me and I feel that the extra money spent for it over the basic set is well worth it.

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