V: Its Only The Beginning

This episode started with a lame cop-out. In the first scene we are led to believe that Ryan is shooting at Erica, but it turns out he was shooting the V that the anti-V team wanted to expose. They find out that this man, named Peter Combs was attached to Lyndhurst shipping, so they go investigate. They find that Lyndhurst is shipping out the flu vaccine the next day and that it contains something called R6. R6 doesn’t look like something that agrees well with the human body based on the two bodies we see that were experimented on. Those Vs are tricky. they are trying to cause people to lose faith in human medicine and to turn to their own.

Tyler is sad that his mommy won’t pay attention to him so he goes to the psychiatrist, who turns out to be John’s wife. Maybe in the future Erica will learn about her son’s involvement in the V ambassadors program through John’s wife or through John through John’s wife. Anyway, Tyler pulls some strings for John’s wife so that the Vs cure her and tell her that she’s got a baby in the tummy oven. The Vs also tell Chad that he is going to have a brain aneurysm that they can fix for him. This seems to be very convenient for the Vs. The only media source covering the Vs in America is going to be saved by the Vs.

On the V-ship, Ana finds out that Dale was murdered and she is determined to make an example of his killer. She puts Joshua in charge of finding out whodunit which is ironic since hedunit. His partner V-traitor takes the blame and Joshua must “skin him”. Which he does.

Tyler takes a trip to the V-ship where he meets Laura’s (Laura is hot V girl’s name) mom (Laura’s mom is Ana). Ana shows Tyler the engine room because he likes motorcycles and motorcycles have engines. After their little talk, Ana confirms that Tyler is “the one”. Ana finds out that the vaccinations were blown up by members of the fifth column and that people know about it. She then initiates “the bliss”. Which turns out to be some kind of feelings that are transmitted from Ana to the other Vs on a spiritual level to give them comfort. That was kind of trippy. I am almost one hundred percent sure that the song playing in this scene was a Sigur Ros song*  but I don’t know which one.

After the bliss, Ana tells Laura and Tyler that what they have seen “is only the beginning”. We then travel through space and see that there is a large fleet of V-ships waiting and slowly heading to Earth because they probably want to kill all of the human beings on Earth or something like that. But we won’t know for a very very long time because V is taking a long break and it won’t be back on until March, which is unfortunate because it has already proven to me in only four episodes that it is way better then Flashforward and that it could be a pretty high quality show.

*Update: It is a Sigur Ros song called “Svefn-g-englar”


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