Fringe: August

“August” was one of those episodes of Fringe that was based on the mythology of the show, of which I am a fan. We learned a lot about the omnipresent observer, the first of which was that there are multiple observers. If what the scientist at Massive Dynamics said was true, then the observers experience all time simultaneously and that is how they know what the main character of Fringe perceive to be the future. In this episode one of the observers named August decides to become a “do-er”. Observers are just supposed to observe things as they happen. August decides to kidnap a girl, in turn saving her life from a future plane crash. The other observers don’t like this so they send their private assassin, Donald to course correct time. Maybe the observers are the Eloise Hawkings of Fringe. What I mean by that, for those of you that aren’t too familiar with Lost (The final season premieres February 2nd at 9pm! It’s gonna be on Tuesday’s this year! at 9! Yaaaay!), maybe the observers are observing to make sure that what happened before will happen again and that nobody screws up the timeline.
The shootdown scene at the end was pretty intense. August’s gun was crazy. I was surprised that August was still alive when after that fight. August was picked up by the first observer and we find out that he may be the first observer to have feelings or to love someone. The other observer said that the girl he had feelings for will be safe know because August made her important. The he says “She is responsible for the death of one of us.” I think he is referring to Donald, the assassin here. I really liked this scene.
The final scene was great too as the the observers watch Olivia and her niece having a good time on a wooden roller coaster and speak about her rapidly approaching problems, which I can’t wait to see.


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