Flashforward: Playing Cards With Coyote

I felt that the quality of the first couple episodes were low, but the last few have been getting better. There have been less lame joke attempts but it still feels a little like a fancy FBI and medical drama. It seems like they keep going after clues from Mark’s flashback and none of it is paying off too much. Flashforward usually seems to do a good job with the first and last scene. I was interested in the stuff that happens between those scenes in this episode, though. I was interested in the relationship between Dominic Monaghan’s character, Simon and Lloyd. Also, the idea of a mole in the FBI is kind of interesting, I don’t know who it could be.
I found the acting in the scene between Aaron and his daughter, Tracy to be less then superb. The guy that plays Aaron (Brian O’Byrne) always speaks with a calm voice with some strange accent. And I don’t feel that the way Genevieve Cortese portrays Tracy’s recollection of what happened to her the right way. I feel that that memory would cause more fear then anger for Tracy.

Random Thought
I like how Janis was looking up “sperm donation” on wikipedia, like she didn’t know what it was or something. I think the writers wanted to show that she wants her flashforward to happen and that she believes it could, but I think that’s a funny way to do it.

The Big Reveal
The big reveal was that it is possible for more then one person on the planet to have the same tattoo, but everyone knows that, so big whoop. Sometimes when rings are made other rings like them are made as well. I guess that was more interesting. And then there was that fat guy that spoke like an English professor and who was some kind of a BA kingpen or something. For some reason that scene did not seem shocking to me. It could have been because of bad acting.

I do feel that this show is getting better but there is still a lot of room for improvement, hopefully next week’s episode will be better.

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