V: No Mo Normal

Ever since I got hooked on ABC’s Lost I’ve kind of had a thing for sci-fi dramas with large ensemble casts. Seeing as the final season of Lost is almost here I have to find a good replacement and to me these are huge shoes to fill. I hope that V may be able to fill this void for me and judging by the first two episodes it could be the one, maybe.

The second episode may seem slow after the fast-paced pilot, but I felt that was necessary. I feel that one thing that V has, and one thing that Flash Forward needs more of, is good acting. My cousin and I used to joke that Elizabeth Mitchell as Juliet in Lost used the same serious look a bit too often. However, now I feel that she is a decent actress. I don’t have any complaints about any of the actors except that the reporter’s face kinda bugs me for some reason. I feel that Erica and Father Jack seem kinda close for meeting only once, but for the sake of moving on with the story, I’ll make myself believe that they are close because they dealt with a trauma at the secret anti-V meeting.

I liked the scene between Anna and her lizard-alien friend, Marcus. When shes looking through her holographic closet trying to figure out what to wear and she stops at the kimono and says ”I’m told in Japan this both conveys the respect of tradition and the allure of submission.” And then Marcus says: ”I’m not sure that’s the message you want to send.” And then Anna says: ”You still don’t understand humanity,” while wearing her creepy face.

I feel that the writing has been pretty good in the first two episodes, however there was a very lame, corny line in the newest one. At the end of the scene where Tyler and his friend are talking to the hot V girl about getting Tyler into the V ambassadors program and hot V girl says that she’ll try to get Tyler’s chubby friend to the front of the line, Tyler’s chubby friend says “Two words! Awe-some!” and that just really made me mad. Speaking of Tyler’s friend, and Tyler, I don’t really care about them yet. I find it hard to relate to Tyler. Yes, I agree that hot V girl is hot but, Tyler just seems to be a flat, stereotypical, angsty, and defiant teenager as of the first two episodes. I hope they flesh out his character.

One thing I didn’t understand about this episode is, why Ryan is staying with his woman. He should leave her to keep her safe, if he cares about her. I guess Ryan wants to make the show more interesting by letting his wife get kidnapped, though. So, I guess thats ok then, go ahead Ryan.

I have kind of come to expect shocking cliffhangers at the end of shows like Lost, Flashforward, and V. The reveal of Erica’s evil alien partner being alive and on the V torture table wasn’t that shocking to me. By the way, did anyone else find V’s method of torture a little silly. I would expect this to happen in a campy show from the 60’s, well, I know V is based on a campy show from the 60’s but, still I think they should have gotten rid of the snake torture. I don’t even know if that happened in the original show, but if it didn’t, that would be worse.

I feel that V has promise, I am interested to see if the change in producers will change the quality of the show to a large degree. I would not say this will be the next Lost that Lost fans are looking for, but it could be a pretty good show.

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